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BroadwayWorld San Antonio
Moncton, NB
Avenir Centre
ago 14-18, 2019
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Saint John, NB
Harbour Station
ago 21-25, 2019
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Halifax, NS
ScotiaBank Centre
agosto 28, 2019 - setembro 1, 2019
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Monterrei, México
Arena Monterrey
set 19-22, 2019
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Guadalajara, México
set 25-29, 2019
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Cidade do México, México
Palacio de los Deportes
out 4-13, 2019
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Moscou, Rússia, Federação da
Luzhniki Palace of Sports
novembro 22, 2019 - dezembro 8, 2019
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São Petersburgo, Rússia, Federação da
Ice Palace
dez 11-15, 2019
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Kazan, Rússia, Federação da
TatNeft Arena
dez 19-22, 2019
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Ufa, Rússia, Federação da
Ufa Arena
dez 25-29, 2019
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Ecaterimburgo, Rússia, Federação da
Ekaterinburg EXPO
jan 1-5, 2020
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Riga, Letônia
Riga Arena
jan 15-19, 2020
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Cracóvia, Polônia
TAURON Arena Kraków
jan 23-26, 2020
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Gdansk, Polônia
Ergo Arena
janeiro 30, 2020 - fevereiro 2, 2020
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Minsk, Belarus
fev 6-9, 2020
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Kiev, Ucrânia
Sports Palace
fev 13-16, 2020
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About the show

CRYSTAL – The First acrobatic performance on ice

Crystal is not just an ice show, it’s the very first experience on ice from Cirque du Soleil. Watch world-class ice skaters and acrobats claim their new frozen playground with speed and fluidity as they challenge the laws of gravity with never-before-seen acrobatics. Discover a new kind of performance as Cirque du Soleil meets the ice to defy all expectations.

Directed by Shana Carroll and Sebastien Soldevila, Crystal, our misfit heroine, takes you on an exhilarating tale of self-discovery as she dives into a world of her own imagination. Feel the adrenaline as she soars through this surreal world to become what she was always destined to be: confident, curious, and creative. CRYSTAL invites you to suspend reality and glide into a world that springs to colorful life with astounding visual projections and a soundtrack that seamlessly blends popular music with the signature sound of Cirque du Soleil. CRYSTAL is suitable for all ages.


Due to the nature of the acts in the show, changes in the cast may occur. In addition, the content and duration of the show may differ from time to time. Although we try to keep this information up to date, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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