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Artistic gymnastics

We're looking for artistic gymnasts who possess a strong technical grounding, agility and explosive power.

Artistic gymnastics
Demonstration in shows

General Information

As a male performer you will need to exhibit elegance, strength and energy and as a female performer your dynamism, flexibility and grace will be key. 

Requirements and qualifications: 

  • High level training and competitive experience in artistic gymnastics;
  • Excellent level of overall fitness including strength and flexibility;
  • High degree of consistency in skill execution;
  • Ability to adapt to new apparatus, environments and group training styles;
  • Willingness to think and work creatively and outside of one’s comfort zone;
  • Expressive, artistic and able to play in front of a large audience;
  • Aged 18 or older.        


Are you an athlete seeking a new venue for your passion? If you're a team player with an open mind and a readiness to learn, there may be a place for you on stage in one of our existing or upcoming shows. Apply now!