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Cirque du Soleil Berlin 2020

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What is Berlin 2020 about?

The brand new and exclusive resident show of Cirque du Soleil for the city of Berlin is produced in the German capital, where all the creative forces will come together to design an innovative creation. The show is inspired by Berlin itself and its cultural history while keeping the essence of Cirque du Soleil front and center.

The original creation at Theater am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin’s largest and most advanced theater, is a co-production between Cirque du Soleil, which is responsible for the artistic content, and Live Nation, the world´s leading live entertainment company.

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What is the name of the new Cirque du Soleil show in Berlin (Berlin 2020)?

The official name of the show has not been released yet! Until then, we will refer to the show as “Berlin 2020”. Stay tuned for the name reveal.

When will the show premiere?

Cirque du Soleil’s first European Resident Show will premiere in Berlin at the theather Am Potsdamer Platz in Winter 2020.